We guarantee:

Long-term partnership

We are interested in long-term cooperation with each customer, so we approach each stage of development with maximum responsibility.

Exceeding expectations

We strive to give the customer always more and better. We do not focus only on the task, but offer additional opportunities

Interest in the project

We carefully select all requests and undertake projects with a "highlight" - those that are really interesting and allow us to identify the best qualities

Focus on results

Customer's satisfaction with the result - says that we did everything right. Positive recommendations and feedback are our main goal in our work

Stages of cooperation

Study of requirements and task formation

Study of the technical task, obtaining all the necessary data from the customer through consultations. Signing the contract. Development of the general concept of the project, formation and coordination of user stories

Project initiation

Allocation of the necessary resource of developers, formation of stages of realization of tasks and definition of methodology of development. Approval of terms and budget of the project, determination of the format of interaction with the customer. Approval of communication channels

Step-by-step development and the results delivery

Development, testing and presentation to the customer of the results of work in accordance with the approved stages and schedule. Making adjustments according to customer feedback.

Testing and training

Carrying out of complex testing of a product according to the developed test cases. Presentation of work results, transfer of the product for testing to the responsible persons of the customer

Pre-release preparation

Uploading of mobile applications in mobile stores App Store and Play Market - our own or customer's. Preparation of necessary user documentation (public offer, privacy policy, etc.)

Release and support

Prompt bug fixing, which were identified during the commercial implementation of the project. Consultation of technical specialists of the customer about the product operation. By agreement - technical support and product maintenance

What the customer gets

In addition to the process of developing mobile applications, we provide a full range of related services

For the entire period of preparation, development and launch of the product into commercial release, we provide a special contact person who communicates with the customer on all issues related to the project – technical, organisational, financial. The project manager on our side is completely absorbed in the essence of development, business values of the project and depending on the scale of the product can combine or delegate to colleagues the functions of project manager, delivery manager and internal product owner

By agreement with the customer, we provide access to Jira project management tool, where customer representatives have the opportunity to see the current status of each task, leave comments. In the final stages of the project, the customer gets the opportunity to test the prototype

If the software development is performed completely from scratch and does not use the development of ready-made software products, the customer gets full access to the source code using the resource GitLab. Under the terms of the contract, all intellectual property rights belong to the customer, so he has the opportunity to register the copyright and the product under the laws of any country

Depending on the customer’s available resources, we provide the opportunity to publish apps on our own App Store and Play Market account, or in the customer’s accounts. We provide services for full upload and verification of mobile applications and guarantee the approval by Apple and Google

What Clients Say

Our customers talk about us

"We regularly apply for various developments - from web-site landings to the development of configurators for our equipment. Working comfortably, the team always offers interesting ideas and ways to implement various non-standard moments. Deadlines are met, the quality is at a high level. Specialists are constantly evolving and offer solutions for new tasks based on current technologies - for me as a technical specialist this is very important.."
Serhiy Kachan
"We found guys from Metarent on the recommendation of joint partners - and never regretted it. The team took full responsibility for the management and development of the project, as the high workload of the main tasks did not allow us to pay enough attention to it. Throughout the cooperation, colleagues have a deep awareness of the agricultural sector, willingness to take on complex tasks, "push" complex business processes into small application screens. I recommend to everyone!"
Andriy Poslavskyi
FregatSmart, head
"Specialists perform all tasks in a timely manner in full compliance with technical requirements and at a high professional level. The software development services provided confirm the highest qualification of engineers, developers, managers and other technical staff of the company, which fully meets the current and operational needs of us as a customer with a lot of different tasks and meets the application of the latest technological solutions and equipment."
Yuri Sulym
Petroline, general manager