Renting google accounts

Are you arbitrating? Tired of farming and buying accounts?

What is

Buying accounts is really a pig in a poke, and high-quality accounts are not cheap. How much pain a typical arbitrator brings problems with Google accounts. They need to be farmed, warmed up, cleaned of traces, prepared iron – and all this is far from a guarantee that the purchased account will rise and it will be possible to twist a nice amount from it. And how hard it is when you just groped for a bunch and your account immediately flies off, and a new one needs to be prepared for a few more days. To reduce such pain in the world, we launched the service


We provide live accounts from real users on Google who are paid to rent their accounts for advertising


For 2 years of work, we have become the best partner for many affiliates.


We are suitable for everyone who is going to drive traffic in different directions:
Gaming industry (casino, betting), Nutra, Binary options, Selling things, Cryptocurrency

How long do accounts live

The lifetime of accounts directly depends on the professionalism of the person who uses it, as well as on where the traffic flows. If the vertical is gray or black, then the average lifetime of an account is 1-4 weeks minimum and with a guaranteed spend of $900. As for white topics, here the account lifetime is completely unlimited and does not depend on the limits on spends.

How it works

All accesses from are immediately usable: they do not need to be warmed up, etc. We have a guarantee – if necessary, the account will be replaced with a new one for free. Accounts from six months and earlier, they were not involved in advertising. When purchasing access, the user is provided with an account login and password, cookies, backup login codes, User Agent and EAAB key if desired. Thus, the probability of blocking is reduced to zero, and trust, on the contrary, increases.

Tariff prices:


per month (15$ week)

No substitutions in cases of blocks.


per month (20$ week)

One change per week upon request.


per month (30$ week)

Unlimited replacement

Payment can be made via: Webmoney, USDT, Visa, PayPal.

After the purchase, you must wait until the page is prepared. Account preparation time ranges from 30 minutes to 24 hours, but usually everything happens much faster.

Run ads without problems.

Leave the rest for METARENT.FUN