Facebook & Instagram Ads

We expect a stable flow of customers for 7 days

What gives the service Metarent.fun?

  • Increase in sales, number of downloads of information products, orders for services;
  • Increasing the loyalty of regular customers and attracting new customers;
  • Presentation of new products, brands, promotions, events;
  • Redirection of the target audience to the site, application, messenger;
  • Increase targeted traffic;
  • Reducing customer costs;
  • Increasing the convertibility of goods and increasing the number of buyers;
  • Personalize and increase ad reach;
  • Increasing the relevance of advertising for users;
  • Formation of a structured base of potential customers;
  • Formation of a structured base of potential customers;

How the work on your project will be built

We will study your business and determine the target audience
Prepare landing pages
We will give recommendations for improving the landing pages or pack them yourself
Connect and configure analytics
The targetologist will develop a strategy for launching an advertising campaign
The copywriter will write meanings and offers for advertisements
Designer and motion designer will create banner and video ads
The project manager will approve items 3-5 with you
The company will be launched and you will receive the first applications
Why you should order targeted advertising on Facebook from us:

10 years

More than 10 years in targeted advertising!


Ongoing support from your personal manager


We work on a subscription fee, we do not take% from the budget


Regular reports without "water": only KPIs and metrics


Quick turnkey campaigns: from vehicles to results


We provide full access to the advertising account

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