Traffic Arbitrage Course

Start earning from $4000 on traffic arbitrage
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About profession

The average profit of a specialist in arbitration starts from $ 4,000 per month ( and others) With this skill, you are guaranteed to:

work with customers from all over the world


receive payment in foreign currency

On training

  • Understand with experts what Affiliate Marketing is.
  • Get a complete methodology and step-by-step manuals.
  • Learn how the market works and how you can consistently earn from $4,000 per month
  • Learn how to earn more in a niche
  • Master the skill of working with an affiliate program, proxy, FB, Google and others
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teachers-practitioners, leaders in their niches

Training program

  • Entering traffic arbitration
  • Affiliate programs and how to work with them
  • Working with a personal manager in CPA networks
  • All necessary services and consumables for a successful launch (Antydetect, Proxy, etc.)
  • Creating a fanpage
  • Overview and structure of Facebook ADS Manager
  • Analysis of the main approaches to Facebook advertising
  • Working with creatives
  • How we approach the choice of vertical and offer selection
  • Account farming
  • Advertising Analytics
  • How to effectively warm up your account before launching ads
  • How do we scale links?
  • How not to spend a lot of money on proxies
  • What are the best creatives to use?
  • How to unblock your ad accounts and keep them from blocking
  • Buying a domain and installing a landing page for hosting
  • Pixel setting
  • Limits on Business Managers

Student results

Experience before learning
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Nadia Glushko
Experience before learning
0 из 5
Earned for training
Experience before learning
3 из 5
Earned for training
Vlad Toporinsky
Experience before learning
2 из 5
Earned for training
Kirill Gurnik
Experience before learning
3 из 5
Earned for training
Experience before learning
1 из 5
Earned for training


Yes, the blocks on the program are built so that you can study traffic channels from scratch and learn how to monetize them.

Setting up advertising, working with Pk, bypassing bans – all the information is in the modules.

At first, 1 hours a day, then you yourself choose whether to devote more time to working with arbitration and make it your main job or combine it with another job.

All training takes place online with live conference and chat support. Also, our specialists can go to your computer and help. 

Yes, there are guarantees.

You can get your education back for the first two classes for any reason.

There are many niches in arbitration. Niche choice is faced by beginners when they start their journey. Experienced webmasters and arbitrage teams are looking for new niches to capitalize on their skills.

The fact that you can earn well only in black niches is a myth. On the program, our leading expert shares his cases and work algorithms so that you master the skill of high earnings in white niches.

There are also so-called gray niches – gambling (casino), dating, forex. During the training, teachers will introduce you to each of them and give you work algorithms.

Indeed, you can get under different blocks. But if you act according to the manuals and recommendations of teachers, then you will bypass these blocks without any problems.

Yes, it will be in the lessons and manuals. Push notifications are an integral part of how apps and funnels work.

To cloak is to replace a real product with an unreal one. This is done in order to pass checks and bans. When Facebook or Google starts to check our advertising campaign, sometimes you need to hide the final link from it and make it visible only to the consumer. For example, the user will follow the link and see the casino, and Google – products for the home.